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Position Statements
The objective of the AGC is to represent the broad range of Earth science professions, and in particular to provide Australians with a greater appreciation of the economic, environmental and cultural values of the earth sciences.

In support of this objective, the AGC has issued a series of position statements on a range of topics of national significance to the geosciences. The position statements are intended to provide a platform from which the AGC can inform the geoscience community and the general public of the Council's broad approach to specific issues and serve as a framework within which relevant policies, initiatives and actions can be identified, developed and pursued.

The AGC has drawn up position statements for each of the topics listed below. The statements are of a dynamic nature and will therefore be reviewed and updated regularly. The views of geoscientists belonging to member societies are welcomed in this process.

1 AGC Recommendations for Undergraduate Syllabus (August 2015)
2 Position Statement - Primary and Secondary Education
3 Position Statement - Tertiary Education
4 Position Statement - Research and Innovation
5 Position Statement - Standards and Ethics
6 Position Statement - The Community
7 Position Statement - The Industry
8 Position Statement - Government