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Celebrate Geologist's Day Sunday 3rd April 2016

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AGC Convention 2018

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With the support and commitment of our eight Member Organisations the AGC is developing the AGC Convention 2018 (AGCC 2018). This will be held in Adelaide during Earth Science Week (14-18 October, 2018). Planning is underway with the recent appointment of a Professional Conference Organiser, finalisation of the venue and formation of the Organising Committee. Dr Chris Yeats will Chair the Technical & Scientific Program Subcommittee and various other Subcommittee Chairs are currently being appointed.

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The purpose is to promote Geoscience as a major and essential field of Science in Australia. Geoscience plays a fundamental part in every Australian's life; it constitutes our immediate environment, and provides many of the materials we use in everyday life.

The convention will provide an opportunity for geoscientists from Australasia to come together to discuss and promote all aspects of Geoscience and to gain valuable professional development from an engaging program of high-quality technical content. The Australian Geoscience Council (AGC) will host this forum and our Member Societies will be encouraging leading geoscientists from Australia, New Zealand and further afield to share their knowledge and experiences in the many diverse aspects of Geoscience. A number of Keynote Speakers of international repute have already expressed interest in championing some themes. A strong media presence will be there to focus attention on the issues and potential solutions facing Australian Geoscience.

The convention is expected to cover all aspects of Geoscience. The proposed topics are wide-ranging, potentially covering science and technology, mineral and energy resources, sustaining our environment and supporting our people, the impact of Geoscience on society and ways of educating everyone about Geoscience.

The Australian Geoscience Council Convention in 2018 is the inaugural forum for bringing together Geoscience professionals from all Member Societies of the AGC to showcase their part in Geoscience for the 21st Century. The compelling reason for doing this is to develop broad cooperation, synergies and strong linkages between industry and academia, researchers and practitioners, educators and community stakeholders wishing to further their understanding. By developing the big picture for Geoscience in our Region we will ensure that our important science has a strong future and we can maximise the benefit of our common field of endeavour for all Australians.

The proposed Technical Sessions are:
1. Understanding the Earth
2. Life on Earth - origins and diversity
3. Resources - discovery, development, use and sustainability
4. Applied Geoscience in the 21st Century - innovation, technology and the future
5. Beyond the Rocks - Geoscience in our society: current application and future trends

We expect that Technical Session 5 will include sessions engaging with the broader community interested in Geoscience including:
a. Geoscience and education
b. Geoscience in economics and finance
c. Geoscience advocacy, professionalism and ethics
d. Geoscience solutions - understanding, prediction and adaptation

Running across these Technical Sessions we plan to have a number of half-day Thematic Sessions. The overall plan is to engage with as many presenters, speakers and attendees as possible. To do this we have planned an innovative approach with extensive use of electronic resources and poster presentations.

If you are interested in providing a paper, helping develop a Technical Session or championing a Thematic Session please contact any of the following:

Dr Chris Yeats - Scientific and Technical Program Convenor
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dr Bill Shaw - President of the AGC
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ms Leanne Gunther - Administration Officer of the AGC
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Now is the time to start your planning to help us make a difference in Australian Geoscience.


Recipients of the inaugural 34th IGC Travel Grants

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The Australian Geoscience Council and the Australian Academy of Science are very pleased to announce

the inaugural winners of the

34th International Geological Congress Travel Grant Scheme for Early-Career Australian and New Zealand Geoscientists




Summary of activities

Amount requested



Attend Astrobiology Australasia conference and field trip to the Pilbara to present research and to produce educational multimedia packages to be made publicly available.

Amount requested



Micro-analytical labwork on South Island orogenic gold deposits at the University of Tasmania; results to feed into New Zealand-wide Gold Exploration Models (GEM) programme.

Amount requested



Visit Mineral Resources Authority (PNG) to initiate research and training collaboration plus sample collection for SW Pacific metallogenesis and tectonics of the northern Australia plate boundary.

Amount requested



Attend 35th IGC and participate in IUGS Global Geochemical Baselines Task Group workshops as a contribution to New Zealand geochemical baseline mapping; SCAR meetings; ICDP meetings.

Amount requested



Lab visit Boise Uni (USA) to gather first tephra geochronology data for Late Permian sediments of the Galilee Basin, learn state-of-the-art CA-IDTIMS dating technique.

Amount requested


van Otterloo

Field visit with international collaborators to key locality in the USA to support research on magma transport processes related to volcanogenic mineralisation processes and volcanic hazards.




Attend Cities on Volcanoes Conference (Chile) and conduct fieldwork to study modern lava domes as analogues for physical models and risk assessment of future lava dome eruptions in New Zealand.




Fieldwork on the Waikato coast, New Zealand, to examine paleoenvironment/paleoecology changes associated with a rarely-studied Early Jurassic Ocean Anoxic Event.




Fieldwork in New Zealand for sampling of ultramafic rocks and associated carbonates in connection with studies of mineral carbonation for CO2 sequestration.




Funds towards a 12-month research visit to Caltech (USA) to work with a world leader in Earth Dynamics to study the evolution of the Earth as a complete dynamic system over long timescales.




Two weeks field work in Northland (NZ), with support of local Iwi, using a drone to map the extent of lignite deposits for reconstructions of past climate and to image an area of cultural significance.

*Grant of $1000 towards travel plans on the condition their project can still proceed