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The Australian Geoscience Council believes that geoscience professionals and technicians in industry have an important role in the gathering, management, interpretation and dissemination of geoscientific data in the national interest. Industries reliant on geoscientific data are wide reaching and include (but are not restricted to) minerals, petroleum, land and water resources, construction, finance and investment, the environment and conservation. The Council strongly endorses the vital role which geoscience plays in industry in the following areas and the need for industry to foster the development of the profession in the face of skills shortages and the declining number of appropriately qualified geoscience graduates beoing produced by our universities :

  • effective business and management decision making through efficient communication and interflow of geoscientific information;
  • creating value for enterprises and ultimately the nation through the exploration for and development of resources;
  • achieving sustainable development objectives through the effective use and management of geoscientific data, information and resources;
  • upholding standards and ethics generally but particularly as it relates to statutory government and corporation law reporting requirements;
  • fostering tertiary geoscience education and research and the maintenance of a professional cadre of industry geoscientists and professional development through the business cycle.
  • fostering responsible community consultation and actions by adherence to appropriate accepted codes of conduct, and
  • upholding and promoting technical and community standards in the growing international exposure of Australian geoscience.
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