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2019 Recipients of the 34th IGC Travel Grant

Geoscience Grants I 2019 Recipients of the 34th IGC Travel Grant

The Australian Geoscience Council and the Australian Academy of Science take pleasure in announcing the recipients of the 2019 round of the 34th IGC Travel Grants listed below and congratulate these talented geoscientists in their outstanding aspirations to advance geoscience knowledge and understanding through their endeavours.

Working to improve our understanding of subducted slabs by working with leading researchers at the University of Houston, conduct field work along the San Andreas Fault and attend the AGU conference at which she is helping to organise a session.

Looking at high P&T petrology and crystalography of mantle and space derived rocks. He plans to attend and present at the 3rd European Mineralogical Congress in Poland and then travel on to University of Leeds to work with state of the art equipment to help analyse some samples from Eastern Australia.

Modelling groundwater flow using thermodynamics. He plans to attend the Geol Soc of America conference and present a workshop, training delegates in a software package he has written to help his modelling. He then intends to visit McGill University in Canada to discuss his work and learn from senior researchers there.

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