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Standards and Ethics

Position Statements I Standards and Ethics

The Australian Geoscience Council supports and encourages the highest standards of technical proficiency and professional integrity in all aspects of geoscience practiced in Australia. The Australian Geoscience Council considers this can be achieved through:

  • encouragement of membership by geoscientists of a suitable professional or learned society or association and adherence to the ethical principles set down by such bodies as a hallmark of the high professional standards by which all geoscientists should abide. Such ethical standards of professional behaviour serve to reinforce the obligations which service professionals owe to their society and through them, to the broader community, that special positions of trust and knowledge shall be used for the public benefit and not to its detriment;
  • support of the concept of professional registration by Governments for geoscientists, where such registration requires:
    • a stipulated minimum standard of relevant tertiary education
    • a demonstrated level of technical proficiency
    • an auditable commitment to on-going technical and professional training and development, and
    • an auditable commitment to ethical conduct
  • promotion of increasing commonality of professional registration schemes currently available.
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